Investment Highlights



  • Why Invest in PUDO?

    • First mover advantage.
    • Similar to successful businesses that have operated overseas for 14 years in the U.K. and Australia.
    • Multiple recurring revenue streams.
    • Low capital cost requirements.
    • Rapid growth across North America – 5,000 signed up to date - several PUDO Point locations have started operations in 2015 and additional locations will become operational throughout 2016.
    • Over 2,200 locations across Canada expected to be operational by May 2016.
    • PUDO is adding 300-400 new PUDO Point locations per quarter.
    • Competes with Canada Post and when the PUDO Point dealer network is built out it will be the only network to rival that of Canada Post.
    • Retailer and courier agnostic – means more shipments and more revenue to PUDO.
    • E-commerce sales are expected to increase 14% to $376(1) billion this year in North America, retailers, couriers and consumers are seeking a solution. PUDO is the last mile delivery solution.
    • Product returns represent 5%-20% of all orders. PUDO is guaranteeing retailers that PUDO will reduce their return costs up to 30%.
    • PUDO is paid between 2%-10% on an affiliate commission program with Amazon, eBay, Hudson’s Bay, Indigo and Walmart when consumers purchase through these retailers by going through the online shopping tab on the PUDO website.


    (1) Source: Retail e-commerce sales in Canada - Retail e-commerce sales in U.S. (in billion U.S. dollars) -



PUDO has been chosen as one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Public Technology companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange.