Never put your life on hold to wait for a parcel delivery again!

Use a PUDO Point address as your address.
Have your online shipments from any courier delivered to a PUDO Point near you.

What is a PUDO Point? It’s a convenience store usually within minutes of your location that will accept your shipments for you and be there when you are ready to pick them up.

No more rushing to pick up a parcel before the post office closes or waiting at home for a delivery.

Whether you're an online shopper, university student or a home-based professional who doesn't have the time to wait for a delivery, PUDO is about convenience.

With PUDO, you can begin receiving parcels from any courier by using one of our PUDO pick up points as your address. Choose a PUDO Point nearest you.

Getting started is easy:

  • Become a PUDO member for FREE!
  • Pick a PUDO Point that is nearest to you
  • Put the PUDO Point address on your shipment
  • You will receive an e-mail notification that your shipment is ready to be picked up
  • Pick up your parcel when it is most convenient for you
  • Receive a notification when you parcel arrives