Technology to manage your shipments

As a shipper, receiver or PUDO Point location, we have solutions to easily meet your needs.

Worldwide shipping & receiving as close as your local corner store

Get notified when your shipment arrives

So you're expecting to receive a package, but you're not going to be at home. No problem...PUDO has you covered!

When your shipment arrives at your local PUDO Point-authorized dealer location, our smart shipping technology will send you an email or text (carrier rates may apply) to let you know that the package has arrived and is ready for pickup.

PUDO provides convenient shipping and drop-off solutions for busy people on the go.

Developer API for PUDO Point

PUDO Point's developer API enables online retailers to integrate the PUDO Point network into their eCommerce, CRM, or business workflow coordination systems.

Our free-to-use API allows online customers to identify the PUDO Point dealer nearest to them for package delivery.

Click here to download our API documentation. To gain access to the API please contact us

Dealer-enabling technology & reporting

PUDO provides each of our dealers with easy-to-use software and a tablet to manage both the pick-up and drop-off of parcels. We also provide our dealer network with an integrated online portal that shows them packages that will be arriving.

Dealer Reporting

Not only do we provide our dealers with all of the software and hardware to be successful PUDO agents, we also provide them with reports that outline the status of existing parcels, as well as detailed performance analytics.